Time to transform agricultural supply chains

Agriculture faces some of the world’s biggest developmental, economic, and environmental challenges, which need to be resolved in the next decade to keep feeding the world’s growing population responsibly.

Throughout our 30+ year history, we have learned from and worked with local farmers across six continents to truly understand integrated agricultural supply chains and the challenges that come with producing agricultural products.

To accelerate the drive for positive sustainability action in agricultural supply chains and create value for our customers, we developed AtSource: our sustainability offering for sustainable products and supply chains, ​created to drive change for farmers, communities, ecosystems and customers.

TEN core goals in three main areas

Building on our sustainability framework, AtSource’s structure is linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Principles of the UN Global Compact. It actively monitors ten core sustainability topics in three main areas.


AtSource not only underpins your efforts to source sustainable products, it can also help you to steer your actions towards more impact.

Manage and reduce sustainability risks
and improve performance in supply chains

Act and engage more effectively
inspired by data-based insights

Commit and report with confidence
on metrics relevant to your sustainability commitments