What is

AtSource is Olam’s revolutionary sustainability insights platform for agricultural supply chain, purposefully created to demonstrate social and environmental impact and drive change for farmers, communities and ecosystems.

AtSource provides customers with a single view across their supply chain sustainability parameters, as well as with insights into how to influence these elements for the better. Corresponding farmer and impact stories are also available on the customer portal.

The end-to-end metrics, action plans and corresponding narratives can be used by customers to meet sustainability requirements, build brand trust and confidence, report on sustainability initiatives and transform supply chains.


AtSource actively monitors 9 core sustainability topics related to 12 SDG’s, across our network of smallholder farmers, Olam owned estates and farms, on 6 continents.


AtSource has been created to contribute to the global movement for positive change to agricultural supply chains.


AtSource is central to Olam’s vision to ‘reimagine global agriculture’, dedicated to growing a better future for farmers worldwide.

Choose your level of impact


Information and assurance

Reassurance that suppliers commit to conditions under the Olam Supplier Code(OSC) developed for responsible sourcing principles and practices.

Country-level risk-screening and climate, water and land use footprint calculator.


Measurable impact

Unparalleled origin traceability, right back to the farmer group or Olam estate. 

Granular and customisable metrics offering comprehensive insights, specific to each supply chain category and geography. 

Impact delivered through targeted action plans, as well as consumer-ready stories from the field of real, positive economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Verification by independent bodies provide greater trust and reassurance on the data.

AtSource ∞

Transformational change

The most aspirational tier. Created to drive transformation and net-positive impact at scale.

Programmes co-created with communities, customers and other partners, and designed to regenerate landscapes in which farmers prosper and communities thrive; benefitting wider populations and the Earth’s ecosystems.

Addressing Prosperous Farmers & Farming Systems, Thriving Communities and Regenerating The Living World

Based on our own experience as well as insights from partners, and targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have identified 9 core sustainability topics for AtSource, grouped into 3 pillars: Prosperous Farmers & Farming Systems, Thriving Communities and Regenerating The Living World.


Economic Opportunity
Safe & Decent Work


Health & Nutrition
Education & Skills
Diversity & Inclusion


Healthy Eco-Systems
Healthy Soils
Climate Change
Water Use