This week, the ofi Coffee Team is publishing its progress so far against the challenging 2025 goals it set as part of Coffee LENS its sustainability ambition for the future of coffee.

As one of the leading green coffee origin exporters in the world, with 40+ sustainability projects in 14 origins, ofi has long focused on serving sustainable and traceable coffee that supports coffee landscapes and communities. Now, it has achieved several important milestones on its journey towards a more sustainable coffee supply chain by 2025. These include reaching over 50% of the 200,000 targeted farmers with sustainability support, rejuvenating soils across land equivalent to 11,000 football fields, and providing verified traceability for 100% of its directly sourced coffee.

AtSource+ is used to track progress against each of these goals and the social and environmental impact. It is providing ofi and coffee customers with a new level of transparency to support their sustainability targets. AtSource+ provides insights to calculate the overall GHG emissions for specific blends of coffee, including agriculture, processing, and transport. That includes de-carbonization practices ofi is trialling on its own coffee estates, which according to the AtSource+ dashboard, can reduce total GHG emissions for its washed coffee by 10-50%, depending on the origin.

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