In a move by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) to advance transparency and sustainability in the coffee value chain.

Two tiers of ofi’s sustainability insights platform AtSource – AtSource Entry Verified1 and AtSource Plus - have been added as new sustainable sourcing schemes to the GCP Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases programme2

Launched in April 2018, AtSource provides ofi customers with a verified social and environmental footprint for their product supply chains, calculated from farm-level data, which then informs continuous improvement programmes.

Responding to the recognition, Juan Antonio Rivas, Global Head Sustainable Business Development at ofi said:

“We are very pleased that two tiers of our AtSource program have been assessed as being “equivalent” to the Baseline Coffee Code. This, in addition to other benchmarking studies that have been concluded in the recent months as well as the different awards our program has received, gives us confidence that our sustainability focus and priorities are well aligned with what the coffee sector requires.

“But more importantly, it will allow our coffee customers to report their AtSource purchases as “sustainable” and thus will help them meet their commitments and targets, which we see as critical to ensure increased transparency going forward.”

GCP Director of Programs and Corporate Partnerships, Gelkha Buitrago, said:

“For the sector, this means that we will be measuring progress on commitments to sustainable sourcing using the same bar, and a common language. Additionally, the equivalence process helps drive improvement in the sustainability schemes through alignment with internationally recognized credible practices and requirements.”

Roasters and retailers, including signatories of the ICO London Declaration, are now invited to participate in the next round of GCP Reporting, which commences on February 5th.


Notes to editor

1 AtSource Entry Verified: especially created for ofi’s coffee customers in line with industry sustainability standards

2 Following an assessment process, GCP confirmed that AtSource Entry Verified and AtSource Plus meet the criteria for Baseline Coffee Code Equivalent 2nd party. For AtSource’s coffee customers, this means their AtSource Entry Verified and AtSource Plus purchased volumes are now eligible for submission to GCP’s Roaster and Retailer Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases.