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As part of Olam’s Strategic Energy Management Plan, designed to grow renewable energy across global operations, major energy saving initiatives have been implemented in Olam Spices’ onion and garlic processing plants in the US.

Our Fernley plant in Nevada is the only geothermal based vegetable drying facility in the world. The entire plant is powered 100% onsite by naturally occurring underground hot springs (270°F). The geothermal power provides approximately 216,982 MBTU (one million British thermal units) of carbon-free hot water annually, meaning that we’re saving the environment the equivalent of approximately 11,500 metric tonnes of CO2. 

Energy savings initiatives elsewhere include converting all 6 steams coils in the Gilroy plant to natural gas in 2019, resulting in a 10% heat intensity improvement and replacing obsolete light fixtures across all processing plants, with energy efficient smart LEDs.