“I had never seen these animals before, but now I know and if they come to my farm, I just let them be. Olam taught me that they live just beside the mountain, near my farm, and sometimes we even hear them!”, said Mr. Aca, a Coffee farmer living near the habitats of Java hawk and Java gibbons.

Mr. Aca at a designated safe zone within his farm, for endangered animals such as the Java Hawk and Java Gibbons. 

A view of the Java Gibbon and Java hawk’s habitat from Mr. Aca’s Farm in Indonesia.

Tropical Indonesia is home to some of the most unique wildlife in Asia, including the native Java Gibbon – the world’s most threatened primate – and the Java Hawk. With their habitats under the shade of rainforest canopies such as in Ciwidey and Garut, West Java, these endangered species are at risk of severe habitat loss caused by increasing land use for human development.

Since 2015, Olam has educated 1,100 farmers working in the Ciwidey and Garut forests to identify and protect these endangered animals. Farmers were taught that they pose no harm and to provide shelter for the animals as they roam wild and free within their farms.

Under Olam’s outreach, some 1,191 hectares of land have been demarcated as safe zones for endangered animals, in support of the Indonesian government’s conservancy plan.

These efforts to conserve local wildlife and protect biodiversity are part of the AtSource + focus on 12 core sustainability topics under People, Planet and Farmer Livelihoods, starting right at the farmer group level.