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Working on the ground at source allows us to actively pursue long-term relationships with farmers and suppliers based on responsible practices and trust. Something we have been doing successfully with coffee farmers in Vietnam.

Olam Coffee Vietnam works with over 1,500 farmers in the central province of Daklak, engaging and training farmers on responsible farming practices, the impact of coffee production on the climate, and ideal applications of farm inputs.

In addition, we provide several training sessions throughout the year, which cover a wide range of topics. Sessions can discuss issues like: Vietnam Forest Protection Law, Children Law, Environmental Law, Women Law and Gender Equality. We also provide training in preventative health care, first aid, and take a detailed look at water management for agriculture.

It’s vital we provide farmers with everything they need to run a successful business in an ethical, socially responsible and sustainable manner. In doing so we enable farmers across the globe to grow their product and their business in a way that’s good for both them and you.