Olam’s business strategy has always been about helping communities to produce the best produce as this also creates value for Olam and our customers.

Take our first Cashew Processing Unit, set-up in 2004 in Dimbokro, a small town in central Côte d’Ivoire with a population of 65,000 people. At that time, no one knew the key role our processing unit was going to play in building the future of the area. Fast-forward 15 years, it’s bonded the population together and significantly helped Dimbokro to grow and prosper.

Currently Olam employs around 1000 full-time and seasonal workers in Dimbokro, 85% of whom are women, with plans to double that figure in next 5 years. We’re constantly looking for ways to help enhance the lives of the communities in which we operate, whether it’s productivity-based incentive schemes, educational or health programmes or cultural celebrations. Building a long-term future with our suppliers is vital to provide people living in rural areas and farming communities with a viable livelihood option. Dimbokro’s Prefect, M. N'Guessa Obouo Jacques, sums up the impact:

“During the cocoa sector decline, the N’Zi region was badly affected, but Olam has helped by promoting cashew nuts here. By doing so, it breathed new life into Dimbokro and assisted the Government in providing jobs, thus enabling people to work and financially take care of themselves. Such positive impact lifted the population out of poverty and gave hope to the whole region. Olam has greatly fostered the economic and social development of Dimbokro."

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