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In the central province of Daklak in Vietnam, coffee farmers have boosted their economic prospects by securing additional sources of income.

100% of the coffee farmers supplying Olam, through our Rainforest Alliance programme, earn additional money from producing at least two crops, compared to just 24% before the programme started. 

By training farmers on intercropping their farms with non-coffee trees such as pepper, durian, avocado and passion fruit, among others, Olam is helping farmers to build their resilience to unstable coffee prices and increasing climate temperatures. In the last two years, we have supplied farmers with 34,000 non-coffee saplings and facilitated market access for these crops by connecting the farmers with buyers.

“We can better provide for our families all year round thanks to Olam encouraging us to grow other fruit trees, like avocado, durian and jackfruit, on our coffee farms”  Le Hong Huong, Coffee farmer, Daklak, Vietnam

This training is part of a wider sustainability programme in Vietnam, which started in January 2017 and engages 1,663 farmers to drive positive social, environmental and economic impacts,
in line with the set sustainability targets of AtSource +.