Alima Assane Mupeue works at Olam’s cashew processing factory in Monapo as a supervisor in the Peeling Section. She’s a mother of 8 and balances her work at the factory with managing her household.

Her working life with Olam began 13 years ago, when Alima recalls how difficult it was for her husband and relatives to understand, and indeed accept, her desire to work outside of the home and gain financial independence. As a salaried employee, she could start contributing to her household, helping her children go to school and encourage them to strive for more in their future careers.

Alima’s first years at the processing factory was as a seasonal worker in the peeling section. Though fairly reserved, her hard work and commitment to quality was recognised and she was promoted with a permanent position as Quality Controller under the GROW (Globally Reaching Olam Woman) programme. She experienced a new world of training, seminars, workshops and talks, gradually building up her confidence and leadership skills. Matched with good performance, she assumed an influencer role amongst her colleagues and was promoted for the second time to become a Supervisor. 

Working in a professional environment that fosters entrepreneurism, Alima feels a valued employee - “my ideas are considered and welcomed". She has created strategies and mechanisms such as incentive schemes to improve efficiency and reach targets ahead of schedule. Beyond her role, Alima has also rallied her colleagues together to form a dance group which has been invited to perform at public local events.

"At the factory I have a role of huge responsibility. The product coming from my section feeds the following section, therefore, I need to be accurate with my targets and volumes. I'm an active part of the path of this business success. Understanding this has contributed to my professional growth and personal development".

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