Supporting social investments in communities is not only better for the farmers and their families, it’s better for customers. A great example is the primary school built in Jeannotkro, South Central Côte d’Ivoire.

One of Olam’s cocoa cooperative suppliers, created in 2012 and certified UTZ in 2014, with over 340 farmer members covering some 1,500 hectares, is a loyal member of a customer’s sustainability programme. As part of our community development policy we agreed with the cooperative 30% of the net co-op premium received from the customer should be retained for a social investment.

The cooperative board decided to fund and construct a primary school for the village of Jeannotkro, in the Divo region – the largest of their 3 sections and home to 150 farmers and their families. The new primary school has enjoyed great feedback from pupils and parents alike. 70 pupils, aged 7-10, now benefit from 3 fully trained teachers and the school also saves the pupils a 6km walk to a neighbouring village school and reduces the risk of child labour in the supply chain.

By investing in the next generation, we’re demonstrating our loyalty and commitment at the grass roots of our business.