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AtSource with Olam

agri supply

Agri supply chain resilience

With the AtSource dashboard understand your product's footprint by tracking environmental and social metrics at each stage of its journey. Use the insights to improve farmer livelihoods, protect people's rights and drive optimum use of land and natural resources.

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A comprehensive sustainable sourcing solution

Re-Imagining global agriculture Together

There is an inescapable imperative for those working in the agricultural system to overcome the multitude of serious challenges and become the solution to feeding, clothing and sheltering a growing population.

Our Sustainability Ambition


AtSource builds across 3 tiers with progressively enhanced levels of impact, verification, insight and information, culminating in transformational change on the ground through co-created programmes.


Entry Tier

Reassurance that suppliers are engaged on responsible sourcing principles and practices under the Olam Supplier Code.


Measurable impact

Over 80 indicators with farmer group level data and programmes improving economic, social and environmental factors.

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Transformational change

Products are from programmes that seek to deliver a net positive impact at scale, benefiting wider populations and the earth's ecosystems.